Commercial Fire Alarms


Fire alarm systems are required by code in all commercial and industrial structures in Western, PA. The system may consist of manual pull boxes, smoke detectors, duct detectors and sprinkler monitoring devices. When fire/smoke is detected, audio and visual no

tification will activate throughout the building and automatically report to the fire department.

*  Primary function of a Fire Detection and Alarm System is for notification and evacuation of personnel.

*  Fire systems provide audible and or visible alarm signals by a manual pull station, smoke or heat detector.

SSA installs Fire Alarms to NFPA regulations.

SSA is NICET Certified


DETECTION—Smoke, Heat and CO2

A single sensor smoke detection device is either photoelectric or ionization detection unit that responds when it sees smoke. Newer conventional smoke detectors offer environmental compensation with differentiating sensing that makes them immune to sensitivity drift, a common cause of false alarms. Device are available for both hard-wired systems and wireless technology.



Fire alarm signaling devices provide flexibility with a robust set of features. New devices blend with any décor. Both wall and ceiling mount signals are available which consist of:

*  Horns                                                                                     

*  Horn-strobes

*  Chimes

*  Chime-strobes

*  Speakers

*  Speaker-strobes


Testing your fire alarm system is the responsibility of the owner and a requirement of national and state codes.

SSA meets these qualification and provides these services and can help you comply with your fire alarm testing requirements.

Our fire alarm test and inspection includes:

*  A functional test and inspection of control panels and peripheral field devices.

*  Cleaning of smoke detectors

*  Sensitivity testing of smoke detectors

*  Complete and itemized test results documentation.


SSA technicians are NICET trained.