Keeping an Eye on Your Business

Business Video Surveillance

We commonly hear from business owners who would like to keep a better eye on their business, but aren’t sure how they can do that, both economically and technically. In the past few years, there have been quite a few advancements in the security world that make it easy for business owners and managers to watch their business. You can now monitor from across the globe or from the other side of the building. Additionally, commercial security makes it possible to watch several business locations all from one place, such as your computer or mobile device.

Protecting Your Business Investment

Not on-site? That’s not a problem. Today’s business security systems offer you peace of mind. Whether you’re at a business meeting or on vacation, you can monitor the activity in and around your company by using:

Business Security

  • Access Control. You don’t need to use keys to allow people into your building—just programmable cards and access codes. Only those who have the card and code will be let in, and you can even restrict what other doors they can enter and exit simply by using an app on your tablet or phone. You can also make up-to-the-minute changes from a remote location. For example, you can allow a new employee into your building without physically being there.
  • Video Security. Having visible video security in and around your business means that you will be able to reduce theft (employee and other), monitor who is walking in and around your business area, and see who is on the premises. Many video surveillance systems come with a voice component that allows you to talk to people remotely before deciding to let them in. This is a popular choice in hospitals, universities, office buildings, and schools. If you’re not around to let deliverymen, clients, or others into your building, you can use a video security system that’s as good as when you’re right there. You can also use a system of cameras to act as a virtual watchman by setting them up to sweep office space, loading docks, and building perimeters.
  • Safety Precautions. If your business is a construction site or other hazardous area, access control and video systems act as another pair of eyes and ears. The only people who will be able to go past gated areas will be those you allow, and you will see if proper safety precautions are being used in day-to-day work, even if you’re not there to supervise.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but now you don’t have to be. Security Systems of America can design a commercial business system that will meet both your on-site and off-site needs. Protect your employees, reduce theft, and remotely monitor your business investment. Call us today to learn more.

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