At Security Systems of America, your safety is our top priority. Put your trust in us and experience the ease, confidence, and tranquility that our top-tier security solutions offer. Providing reliable and comprehensive security services for both residential and commercial needs, we pride ourselves on delivering peace of mind to our valued clients.

Commercial Security Solutions for Bethel Park Businesses

At Security Systems of America, we understand the value of the investment you’ve made in your business. Our security services are tailored to shield your business from any potential threats. We equip you with the robust, cutting-edge tools needed to safeguard your business, ensuring your peace of mind and the continuity of your operations. We offer a selection of high-quality security solutions for commercial customers and small businesses in:

Our complete range of security and intrusion detection services cater to businesses of all sizes in Bethel Park. Leveraging these advanced solutions, you can gain complete control over your security system through a mobile app, enabling you to keep a close eye on your business operations anytime, anywhere. Our seasoned team is capable of seamlessly integrating these systems with your pre-existing security cameras, access control, and life safety devices. We take pride in offering you the assurance that our security systems are under constant professional surveillance 24/7, safeguarding your business at all hours.

Access Control

Leverage our cloud-powered access control services to dictate who gains entry into your enterprise, safeguarding important inventory, machinery, and data. Moreover, oversee the access to the designated secure areas within your enterprise. Our personnel, proficient in security measures, can assist in securing any area, be it a single door or hundreds across different business locations. With our access control services, we empower you to establish a safe environment for your workforce, customers, and visitors.

Video Surveillance

With our state-of-the-art video surveillance solutions at Security Systems of America, accessing, managing, and preserving real-time video footage from your mobile device has never been easier. Regardless of whether your property is commercial or residential, our team of experts stands ready to set up video surveillance for you. Enjoy the freedom of monitoring your video feed from virtually anywhere. In Bethel Park, we provide a versatile range of vandal-resistant, high-definition security cameras tailored to exceed the demands of your business or home.

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensuring the safety of your employees from fire hazards is of utmost importance to us. Our expert team specializing in fire alarm systems takes care of the entire process, from planning and designing the fire detection system to its efficient installation. We also offer inspection services to ensure that your commercial fire alarm complies with all standards and functions effectively. In addition to our security systems, our fire alarm systems are closely monitored round the clock by our professionals for optimal security.

Residential Security Solutions

At Security Systems of America, we offer a variety of high-quality security and smart home solutions to make your home safer and more efficient, including:

Experience total control of your home with our intelligent home automation solutions. From regulating your lights and security systems to managing your door locks and thermostat, steer your home’s safety and ambiance using just one amazing and handy mobile application.

Fire Detection

At Security Systems of America, safeguarding your family against calamities such as fires is our utmost concern. Our superior quality systems are engineered to identify preliminary indications of fire or carbon monoxide. Thanks to this early detection feature, your family can reach safety prior to any disaster.

Security Cameras

Experience the comfort of a safe home provided by our highly skilled security professionals. With our superior security camera technology, you gain the ability to supervise your home on the go using our user-friendly mobile application.

Burglar Protection

At Security Systems of America, we provide an array of robust, tamper-proof burglar alarms that empower you to safeguard your home, family, and valued possessions. Whether you’re in search of a straightforward security system for your residence in Bethel Park or require comprehensive security protocols, we have an extensive range of solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Bethel Park Commercial and Residential Security Services

At Security Systems of America, we offer top-tier security solutions designed to shield your Bethel Park property, whether business or home, from burglary, vandalism, fire, and beyond. Reach out to us today for more information!

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