See What Matters the Most

We proudly offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor cameras which can either be used standalone or integrated into your security system. With SSA, you can keep a watchful eye on your property even when you aren’t there. Our cameras utilize the latest video analytics technology, allowing you to capture what’s most important.

Key Features

  • View, playback, and save live video footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Real-time text notifications can be custom configured to alert you when a security camera detects people, animals, or vehicles within a defined area of your property.
  • High-definition cameras with infrared technology can capture crystal clear video – even at night.
  • Cameras are tamper-resistant and rated for extreme weather.

See who's at your front door – from anywhere

  • Advanced Detection: Real-time alerts when someone approaches your house or rings your doorbell.
  • HD Video Technology: View, playback, and save live HD video footage
  • Two Way Audio: Open your app and talk to visitors from anywhere

Visual Verification

Reduce the risk of accidental alarms and keep criminal activity, vandalism, and unauthorized access at bay with visual verification. Visual verification works by connecting your existing burglar alarm and video cameras to our monitoring center, providing operators instant access to see what caused an alarm. This may be the difference between catching a criminal in the act or reviewing footage the next day.

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