Access Control Solutions

Cloud-based access control solutions allow you to create a welcoming, secure, and convenient environment for your employees, guests, and visitors. SSA offers advanced access control solutions that are flexible, scalable, and integrate seamlessly with intrusion detection and video surveillance. Whether you need to secure just one door or hundreds of doors across multiple locations, choose from a comprehensive selection of equipment designed to meet your business needs.

How can access control benefit my business?

Secure your valuable assets by controlling who has access to your business or facility and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. Allow authorized employees, guests, and visitors to access only certain doors during certain times and track building occupancy – all through one intuitive platform.

Key Features

  • Single Platform: Efficiently manage, edit, and delete user access across multiple locations through a single intuitive platform.
  • Visitors: Issue temporary access for visitors either for one-time use or on a set schedule.
  • Encrypted Access: Secure and encrypted entry options include access cards, keyfobs, proximity cards, passcodes, and more.
  • Data Analytics: Improve operational efficiency and make data-driven business decisions with advanced analytics.
  • Emergency Lockdown: In an emergency, lockdown your school, campus, or facility with the push of a button.

One Fully Integrated Security Platform

Enhance your security infrastructure by integrating access control with your intrusion and video surveillance systems, giving you total visibility into your property or business. Automatically link video clips with door entry or alarm events and securely store real-time views of your facility in the cloud.

Integrated Security Solutions Designed To Fit Your Business Needs

Every business requires unique security solutions, and we know this at SSA. Our team of security design experts is committed to creating unique security solutions configured to meet the needs of your business or facility, no matter how large or small. With SSA, you can equip your business with:

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