Interactive security and intrusion detection solutions designed to meet your business needs, no matter how large or small.

  • Create custom rules to automatically arm/disarm your system based on set business hours and receive real-time notifications when security events occur.
  • Manage employee codes easily through your mobile app or internet-enabled device.
  • Scalable and flexible security systems that integrate with existing surveillance cameras, access control, and life safety devices.
Building with Intrusion Detection

24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that our alarm dispatch operators are ready to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice. When an alarm event is triggered, our operators immediately receive and verify the alarm. Once the signal has been verified, operators then follow an emergency dispatch protocol which includes dispatching emergency authorities and notifying designated business contacts.

UL Mercantile Burglar Alarms

Our team is licensed and trained to install security systems in accordance with UL 681 – for businesses that require a higher level of security. Your insurance company may even require that your security system is UL certified depending on your type of business.

To be UL listed, we must adhere to the industry’s highest standards for safety and security, and undergo rigorous inspections, audits, tests through UL.

Integrated Security Solutions Designed To Fit Your Business Needs

Every business requires unique security solutions, and we know this at SSA. Our team of security design experts is committed to creating unique security solutions configured to meet the needs of your business or facility, no matter how large or small. With SSA, you can equip your business with:

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