Stay fully connected with SSA smart home automation

With an SSA smart security system, you have total control over how you choose to protect your home. Utilizing advanced technology, our intelligent platform connects your new or existing thermostats, lighting, and other smart devices to your security system, all through one user-friendly mobile app.

Smart home automation

Interactive Security

  • Arm and disarm your system using your smartphone, even when you aren’t home.
  • Receive real-time notifications anytime unusual activity is detected such as a garage door being left open or forgetting to arm your system at night.
  • View, playback, and save live crystal-clear video footage, even in low light.
    See and talk to visitors at your front door from anywhere using the mobile app

Smart Lights

Our all-in-one mobile app allows you to easily control all your smart lights with the push of a button. Set your lights to adjust on a set schedule and create custom scenes based off your lifestyle. Outdoor lights integrate seamlessly with your security system and can be set to turn on when a person or vehicle is detected in frame.

Smart Savings with SSA

Save money, energy, and efficiency with your smart thermostat and lights. Create custom schedules and set your temperature preferences to fit your lifestyle. You’ll conserve up to 23% of your winter heating energy usage and up to 16% of summer cooling usage, averaging around $50 in savings.

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