Integrated Security Solutions Designed To Fit Your Business Needs

Every business requires unique security solutions, and we know this at SSA. Our team of security design experts is committed to creating unique security solutions configured to meet the needs of your business or facility, no matter how large or small. With SSA, you can equip your business with:

Protect Your Family, Loved Ones, And Property

Approximately every 23 seconds, first responders are dispatched to incidents involving a fire somewhere in the United States. When it comes to protecting your family, detecting the early signs of a fire or unusual carbon monoxide levels is imperative to saving lives. Our monitored smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors seamlessly integrate with your security system and are always online, 24/7.

24/7 UL Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that trained professionals are ready to respond to an emergency at a moment’s notice. We’ll dispatch first responders in the unlikely event of a fire, even if you aren’t home.

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