Security Systems of America gives Wexford residents and businesses an added layer of security with comprehensive protection systems. Whether you’re looking for a home alarm system, commercial building surveillance or something in between, our team can provide tailored plans at any price point – ensuring your investments remain secure without breaking the bank! Protect your home or business with the services we offer, such as:

Commercial Security Solutions 

access control

With our team of experts, businesses in Wexford can relax knowing their security needs are covered around the clock! Our advanced technologies and integrated solutions make it easy to monitor your system remotely with a few taps from any mobile device. Plus existing devices like cameras, access control systems and life safety products all work together seamlessly for optimum protection – giving you ultimate peace-of-mind.

Access Control

Keep your business safe and secure with our cloud-based access system! Our comprehensive protection solution guards hundreds of doors, providing a sense of security for employees and visitors alike. Get the ultimate peace of mind knowing that superior safety measures are in place – safeguard what matters most to you today!

Video Surveillance

At Security Systems of America, you can rest easy knowing your Wexford home or business is always safe and secure. Our cutting-edge surveillance solutions feature high-definition cameras that are resilient against vandalism – giving you around-the-clock peace of mind! Plus, with just a few taps on any mobile device, it’s simpler than ever to monitor activity at all times.

Fire Alarm Systems

Have the reassurance that your business and its employees are always safe – with our certified safety experts on board. Our tailored services maximize fire protection performance, offering you complete 24/7 peace of mind! Get reliable planning, design & installation to stay compliant – plus regular inspections for total defense against any potential risks.

Residential Security Solutions

At Security Systems of America, we believe that homeowners should feel safe and secure in their own homes. That’s why our team provides superior security and smart home solutions to ensure your residence is protected with the latest technology! Upgrade today for improved safety, convenience, and efficiency – only at SSA. Our security solutions include the following:

Security Camera System

Make your home work for you with smart automation! Get peace of mind, convenience, and control over any aspect of your space – from security to temperature settings. All this can now be done through one single app on any device – even when you’re away. Unlock effortless living today by taking advantage of automated solutions for a simpler lifestyle.

Fire Detection

Keeping your loved ones secure is a top priority. Security Systems of America offers superior protection and advanced technological features to provide the best security for you and your family around-the-clock! Our systems are designed with rapid response capabilities, shielding against threatening dangers such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning – giving you complete serenity in knowing that those who matter most will always be safeguarded.

Security Camera

Protect your family and property while staying secure at home with our cutting-edge security camera solutions. Our products feature a range of indoor & outdoor options, from single cameras to integrated systems – all designed for continuous surveillance 24/7 that you can monitor remotely using any device!

Burglar Protection

Ensure the safety and protection of your loved ones with Wexford’s exceptional burglar alarm systems. Arm yourself against any risks or intruders while keeping valuable items safe and secure. Our reliable security solutions offer a basic level of defense that can be tailored to ensure you have that extra peace of mind when it counts most – take action now!

Wexford Commercial and Residential Security Services

Protect your property from potential dangers like burglary, vandalism, and fire. At Security Systems of America, we are here to help ensure that you can enjoy peace of mind with our custom-designed security plans just for Wexford homeowners and business owners. Benefit from the experience of our knowledgeable team; contact us now!

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