Summer Vacation Home Security Tips

Wile on Vacation Burglar Breaking into Home belongings safe while you’re away? Security Systems of America share their summer vacation safety tips so you can focus on what’s important when you’re away – relaxing!

Invest in a Security System. The best way to curb intruders is to invest in a home security system. While many homeowners are turned off by the cost, you don’t have to spend a ton to sway criminals. While there are several levels of security, a simple burglar alarm can help ward off thieves. If you’re still unsure, remember the physical loss and mental cost of having your home broken into is hard to overcome.

Tell a Neighbor. Ask a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home. If it’s a long enough trip, consider giving them a key to get in to give the impression that someone is home. It’s also an easy way for someone to check on any appliances you may have left plugged-in or the dreaded faucet you may have left running.

Cutback on the Mail Stack. Grocery flyers, department store mailers and bills can really cause your mail to stack up. If your mailbox is exposed, ask someone to collect it each day to avoid anyone stealing your credit card statements or simply figuring out you aren’t home.

Social Media No’s, No’s. While enticing and almost second nature, don’t share your travel plans on your social media feed and do your best to avoid posting photos or tagging yourself while at your destination location. All it takes in for one person with bad intentions to see this information and attempt a break-in. You wouldn’t give a complete stranger your email password, don’t tell the entire world your house is empty!

What about the Curtains? It’s the age-old question, do you close your window curtains or not? The best advice is to just leave them as you normally would. Too many obvious signs that you’re not home, is a sign that you’re not home! Potential thieves are familiar with what to look for in vacationing home owners. Only do what’s necessary to tidy up before you leave.

What about the Lights? While some homeowners tend to leave several lights on, your electricity bill will be through the roof when you return. It’s also going to be obvious to trespassers if there is a light on for 24 hours straight. Invest in a few light timers to turn on randomly to sway intruders.

For 45 years, Security Systems of America has protected Pittsburgh homes and businesses from burglary and fires. We’ve seen it all, we’ve don’t it all! Don’t sacrifice the security of your home or the safety of others, contact SSA today at 1-800-544-5003 or visit us online today!

Preventing Workplace Violence: Commercial Security Systems in Pittsburgh

Workplace violence or crimes against an employee can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. The hard facts about workplace violence is that an average of 2 million workers in the United States will fall victim to some form of incident this year. While some crimes may occur at the hands of an unknown assailant or even a random act of violence, other crimes may occur between coworkers.
Workplace Violence Security
Individuals at the highest risk include:

  • Persons whom exchange money
  • Individuals who work late nights or early morning hours
  • Individuals who work alone
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  • Retail workers
  • Healthcare or social workers

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The Importance of Home Security

Your house is more than just four walls, it’s your home. It’s where we lay our heads down at night, where our children feel safe and where we keep our valuables. Whatever makes your house a home, we want to do everything we can to protect it from intruders.

Maybe it’s Time to Consider a Home Security System.

A burglary attempt may be foiled at the sound of a blaring alarm system. If an intruder still makes their way inside your home, authorities are automatically notified. Without an alarm system, you may be unaware someone is trying to break in, let alone already inside your house.

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Security Tips for Fall

Fall Security Tips

Fall can be a vulnerable time when it comes to safeguarding your home. School is in session, fall activities have your attention, days are shorter, the weather is becoming cooler and your neighbors are no longer outside enjoying the summer evenings. With less daylight and unoccupied homes, there are more opportunities for potential intruders looking for their next target.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe this Summer

Kid Safe Summer

Summertime brings everyone outdoors, enjoying sunshine, the poolside and other novelties of the summer season. Yet this time of year is unfortunately also prime time for burglars and other criminals. From robberies to abductions, it is especially important to know where your kids are at this summer, and with whom. For ultimate peace of mind and security, consider the summer security tips below and contact Security Systems of America for all of your security system needs.

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