Commercial CCTV, Video Security and Camera Systems

With SSA’s video surveillance systems, you can monitor what’s going on at your business – anytime, anywhere. SSA offers a wide array of high-quality CCTV surveillance equipment for indoor or outdoor use that can be customized to meet your specific needs, including motion activated, remote controlled, POS system integration, internet viewing capability and remote monitoring. Today’s new digital technology offers many advantages over old analog systems. Digital means instant, real-time information delivery with sharp imaging and unlimited storage capability. Video cameras can be viewed from a smart phone or any mobile device, allowing you to keep an eye on your facilities and your employees at all times.

Benefits of Commercial Video Surveillance / CCTV

Research shows that video surveillance is one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety, and security management tools. With an SSA video

surveillance system, you can…

  • Reduce shrinkage and employee theft.
  • Identify employees and visitors before allowing access.
  • Observe and record vandalism or violence by monitoring floor space, building perimeters, warehouses, loading docks and parking garages.
  • Monitor potentially hazardous areas and construction sites.
  • “Walk a beat” by programming a moving camera to pan, tilt and zoom within a defined area.
  • Remotely access alarm activity, exception reports and event history.

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