The Importance of Upgrading Your Commercial Security System

A commercial security system is crucial to day to day options for businesses in today’s world. These security systems allow business owners to track access to areas of the building and provide the ability to review incidents and accidents to determine if there were criminals in the building, while alarm systems protect your employees and your assets.

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Positioning Your Security Cameras

Many people purchase a security camera to help protect their home from burglary and vandalism, but they may not know the importance of camera placement. Security cameras are an effective deterrent against burglars and possible break-ins, but without proper camera placement, your security monitoring and threat prevention may not be as effective as you need it to be. Follow these tips to ensure your cameras are in the most effective position: Continue reading

Keep Pests off Your Security Cameras

With spring cleaning underway, you may have noticed that your security camera is covered in spider webs, covering your camera lens and obstructing the camera’s view. Spider webs not only block the view of the camera, but they can also cause false alerts for motion-activated cameras.

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Advantages of Residential Security Cameras

Video surveillance is a great way to help keep your home and your family safe. With advancements in video camera and video recorder technology as well as networking capabilities, video surveillance systems are now more affordable and more effective for residential security.

Skybell HD WI-FI Video Doorbell

With a video surveillance system, you can view the inside or the outside of your home from any location and at any time. Adding video surveillance to your existing home security system allows you to view your security camera feed from any television or computer in your home. Some systems on the market also allow you to access your home’s video feed remotely for added convenience.

Having a video surveillance system installed in and around your home can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Deterring criminal activity

    With outdoor security cameras, you can deter criminals from committing theft, vandalism, violent crime and trespassing on your property. For example, a burglar will typically case your home before they rob it, but if they spot a security camera, it may stop them following through with the burglary for fear of being caught on tape.

  2. Providing evidence to the police

    A security camera can provide police with critical evidence, such as a description of the subject if a theft occurs on your property. This evidence can help to convict the burglar and could also be useful in helping find your stolen valuables. It is essential to be sure you have a camera with good quality to ensure faces can be captured accurately.

  3. Lowering your homeowner’s insurance costs

    Most homeowners are always looking for ways to cut costs and feel safe in their homes. With a monitored security system installed by a professional, you can do both! If you make an effort to invest in ways to protect your home and property from fire, vandalism, and theft with a security system, many insurance companies will offer you lower insurance premiums.

  4. Keeping watch over your children or elderly family members

    Having another set of eyes on your children or elderly family members when they’re home alone can help give you peace of mind that they are safe. Incorporating remote video, you’re your home security systems will allow you to log in and check up on your children and their babysitter or your aging parents from anywhere, including your smartphone or office computer.

  5. SSA Residential Security Experts

    At SSA, we are committed to the safety of you and your family. Our staff of security professionals will work closely with you to evaluate your security needs and recommend a residential video surveillance system that meets your needs and your budget.

    Contact SSA today to learn more about our residential security options and how we can help you keep your home secure and your family safe.

Tips for Keeping Your New Home Safe from Burglary

With school out for the summer and vacation from work in full swing, it is an ideal time to move into a new home. But with the warm weather, comes an increase in burglaries. Don’t let the excitement of moving make you lose focus on protecting your new investment with proper security measures.

Even in the safest neighborhoods, you are still at risk of becoming a victim of a crime. According to the FBI crime statistics, a robbery occurs every 15 seconds in the United States with 73% Of those robberies being committed in residential properties.

Here are a few tips to help you secure your new home:

Replace the locks

Replacing the locks is a simple way to help increase your home’s security, but it is something that is often overlooked by homeowners. There is no way to know who still has a copy of a key to your home. From neighbors and friends to former house cleaners or handymen, there could still be a key to your home out there that could fall into the hands of someone with ill intentions.

Hire a locksmith to rekey your home as soon as you move in and be sure to inspect all entry doors to ensure they are sturdy. You may also want to consider having a peephole or a deadbolt installed for additional security.

Secure your windows

Inspect the latches on your windows to ensure all the locks are functional and solid, replacing any broken or flimsy latches. Many times, manufacturers will use flimsy latches that don’t effectively lock the window, leaving your home unsecured. Most burglaries will occur through the first-story windows, but it is still important to secure the second story and basement windows.

Install an alarm system

A quality alarm system is a great way to protect your home and your family from burglary. Entry points of your home, like doors and windows, are outfitted with sensors that are monitored by a control panel. When the system is armed and a door or window is opened, an alarm will sound. Be sure to put your alarm system signs and stickers on display to help deter burglars as well.

It is important to have your alarm system installed by the security professionals at SSA, to ensure you get a quality residential alarm system.

Install a video surveillance system

With a video/CCTV surveillance system, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are via a secure internet connection. Security cameras act as an effective deterrent to criminal acts such as burglary. Also, if a crime does occur, video surveillance can provide important documentation of the crime that can be used as evidence.

SSA Home Automation for Convenient Security

With our home automation services, you can combine your home’s security, video, locking, climate control, and lighting and control them all from an app on your smartphone or device. Home automation makes monitoring your home convenient and accessible.

At SSA we can come to your home and evaluate your security needs, recommending security options that suit both your needs and your budget. Contact SSA today to learn more about how we can help you secure your new home.

Springtime Can Increase Commercial and Residential Burglary.

Risk of Commercial and Residential Burglary Can Increase in the Spring

More people are out and about in the warmer spring weather, including criminals who will be looking for an opportunity to burglarize your business or your home while you are out enjoying the outdoors or away on vacation.

In FBI’s most recent Uniform Crime Report, it is estimated that 7,919,035 property crime offenses occurred in the nation in 2016.  It was also reported that in Pittsburgh alone there were 4,487 property crimes committed in 2016, including burglaries, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. To avoid becoming part of these statistics, it is important to have a security plan in place to protect your property.

What Puts Your Business at Risk?

There are many factors that can put your business at a greater risk of being burglarized. Some of these factors include:

  • Overgrown shrubbery/trees
  • Damaged or burnt out exterior lighting
  • Unlocked windows or doors

It is important to secure all windows and doors, keep shrubbery and trees trimmed to eliminate hiding spots, and repair or replace exterior lighting to keep your building well-lit to deter burglars. In addition to these basic measures, having a security system installed is a very effective option for protection.

Protecting Your Business from Burglary

Burglary can cause monetary loss and property damage that some business owners may not be able to recover from. Good exterior lighting and durable doors are helpful in deterring crime but it is highly recommended that business owners also consider using video surveillance, access control or alarm systems to secure their business.

  • Video surveillance No matter where you are or what time of day it is, a digital video surveillance system offers you instant information and clear imaging, allowing you to keep a sharp eye on the inside and outside of your business.

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  • Access control systems– This system will help you control who can enter and when they can enter your place of business with a series of codes or programmable cards. These cards can be programmed for employee, visitor, and vendor level access.
  • Burglar AlarmHaving an alarm system installed will help you prevent the break-in, theft and vandalism of your business by deterring criminals and can also help catch them when a break-in occurs by alerting the monitoring company of a break-in.

These effective security systems can help protect your investment in your business while keeping you and your employees safe. It is important to consult with security experts like SSA to determine the specific security measures best suited for your business.

Residential Security Options to Keep Your Home Safe

Securing your home is important to prevent break-ins that could put you or your family at risk. Video/CCTV surveillance is available for your home and can be controlled and monitored while you are working or enjoying your vacation. The presence of a security camera can act as a deterrent against burglary but can also provide crucial evidence if a burglary does occur. Residential alarm systems are also recommended to keep you and your family safe from a break-in.

Contact the experts at SSA today to learn more about our commercial and residential security options to help safeguard your home or business this spring.


Keeping an Eye on Your Business

Business Video Surveillance

We commonly hear from business owners who would like to keep a better eye on their business, but aren’t sure how they can do that, both economically and technically. In the past few years, there have been quite a few advancements in the security world that make it easy for business owners and managers to watch their business. You can now monitor from across the globe or from the other side of the building. Additionally, commercial security makes it possible to watch several business locations all from one place, such as your computer or mobile device.

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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Security System

Upgrading your Security System

Security systems are a long-term investment that will keep you, your family, your business, and your employees safe for years to come. If you already have a security system, you may have heard about the advantages of modern security systems. Existing systems, while still providing a good service, may serve you better once they’ve been updated.

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