Don’t miss These Security Tips this Holiday Season

October 14, 2016

Holiday Security Tips The holiday season is an exciting and busy time of year, but did you know this is when you are most vulnerable to break-ins? ‘Tis the season for this year’s holiday security tips from Security Systems of America.

Security Tips for Fall

September 26, 2016

Fall Security Tips Fall can be a vulnerable time when it comes to safeguarding your home. School is in session, fall activities have your attention, days are shorter, the weather is becoming cooler and your neighbors are no longer outside enjoying the summer evenings. With less daylight and unoccupied homes, there are more opportunities for […]

Summer Safety Tips for your Home

August 18, 2016

Home Safety Tips The summer months are a vulnerable time for home owners. While many people are on vacation or enjoying the local parks, pools and outdoor activities, burglars and other criminals are taking advantage of the unoccupied homes. Don’t be a victim, play it safe by securing your home!

Keeping Your Kids Safe this Summer

July 18, 2016

Kid Safe Summer Summertime brings everyone outdoors, enjoying sunshine, the poolside and other novelties of the summer season. Yet this time of year is unfortunately also prime time for burglars and other criminals. From robberies to abductions, it is especially important to know where your kids are at this summer, and with whom. For ultimate […]

Protecting your Family, Home, Business and Possessions with Security Systems and Services

June 24, 2016

Protecting Your Family Security Systems of America has been providing security and alarm systems for homes and businesses in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area, including Ohio and West Virginia, since 1972.

Using Your Phone for Your Security System?!

May 13, 2016

Security Systems by Phone It used to be that a security system was tied into monitors and needed considerable space and computing requirements in order to work and protect your home or business. With the advent of both digital information and smart phones, you can now run your entire security system from any place on […]

Commercial Surveillance

April 25, 2016

A Secure Decision for Every Business Commercial surveillance cameras and commercial-level alarm security systems are beneficial for any serious business. From the security convenience and ease of use, to all-access monitoring and additional features, commercial surveillance can be used by any type of company. At Security Systems of America, we help you keep your Pittsburgh […]

The Benefits of Security Cameras

March 30, 2016

Security Cameras Investing in a security camera system is one of the best ways that you can protect your business, equipment, property, and employees. Cameras now can be controlled remotely, allowing you to see exactly what is going on during the day or night, inside or outside.

Make Sure Your Retail Business is Safe

February 5, 2016

The security that is required to keep a retail business safe year-round is critically important. Loss prevention strategies have to be considered, employees vetted, and of course, your customers must be kept safe. However, many business owners don’t think that they afford a business security system. Thanks to the capabilities of the internet, costs have been […]

Security Tips for the Season

January 2, 2016

Seasonal Security Tips You may think that summer is the most typical time for a home burglary to take place, but unfortunately, burglaries happen year-round. That’s because this is the time of year when people leave to go down South for a few months, or go on vacation for a few weeks to a warm […]