Security Systems of America is your trusted partner for comprehensive security solutions in the McKees Rocks area. Catering to residential and commercial clients, we provide an extensive range of services, from intrusion detection to home automation.

Business Security Solutions 

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Recognizing the significant investment you’ve committed to your enterprise, we are here to equip you with solutions essential for shielding your business from risks such as theft. We offer a selection of innovative security solutions for commercial customers and small businesses in:

Intrusion Detection

Explore our exhaustive security and breach detection services, tailor-made for McKees Rocks businesses regardless of their size. Our expertly engineered solutions empower you with the ability to control your security system via a mobile app – providing you with the flexibility to supervise your business operations whenever, wherever. We offer seamless integration of these solutions with your current security cameras, access control devices, and life-saving gadgets. Our seasoned professionals are committed to ensuring that our systems are monitored around the clock, reassuring you about the safety of your business.

Access Control

Equip your business with our innovative cloud-based access control services for complete peace of mind. Our unique solution allows you to regulate entry to your business, thus securing critical inventory, equipment, and proprietary information. Furthermore, it empowers you to manage accessibility to confidential zones within your business premises. Enlist the help of our security professionals to secure spaces from one door to multiple access points across your various business sites. Trust our access control services to establish a safe environment for your workforce, clients, and visitors.

Video Surveillance

Experience the convenience and peace of mind offered by our video surveillance solutions at Security Systems of America. From the ease of your mobile device, access, control, and preserve live video streams with effortless finesse. Our seasoned team of specialists is ready to equip your McKees Rocks residential or commercial property with top-tier video surveillance. Regardless of where you are, we keep you connected to the visuals of your premises. We take pride in offering a range of high-definition, vandal-resistant security cameras designed to satisfy your distinct security requirements.

Fire Alarm Systems

Ensuring your team’s safety against fire hazards is our utmost concern. Our skilled fire alarm specialists undertake the planning, designing, and setting up of your fire detection systems, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Additionally, we provide comprehensive fire alarm inspection services to ensure your business’s fire alarm complies with regulations and functions optimally. Like our security systems, our fire alarm systems enjoy round-the-clock monitoring by our dedicated professionals, providing you with the ultimate level of protection.

Residential Security Solutions

At Security Systems of America, we offer a range of high-quality security and smart home solutions to make your home safer and more efficient, including:

Smart home security device in house

Home Automation Transform

Experience unprecedented control over your home with our innovative home automation services. Manage your home safety with ease using our security systems, regulate your environment with adjustable lighting and thermostat, and even control door locks with a simple tap on our revolutionary mobile app. Welcome to home management at its finest and most convenient.

Fire Detection

Security Systems of America is dedicated to ensuring your family’s safety from catastrophic events like fires. Our premium systems are engineered to pick up on the earliest signs of a fire or carbon monoxide hazard. This allows you and your loved ones to reach safety swiftly, even before disaster can take hold.

Security Cameras

Our highly trained team of security experts can equip your home with top security camera technology, allowing you to monitor your home anywhere, anytime, with a user-friendly mobile app. We offer a quality selection of indoor and outdoor security cameras that our team can install independently or integrate into your current security system.

Burglar Protection

Experience peace of mind with our cutting-edge security camera services. Our seasoned team of security professionals can furnish your home with the latest in security camera technology, giving you the capability to keep an eye on your house from anywhere, at any time, through a simple-to-use mobile app. Choose from our superior range of indoor and outdoor security cameras that our specialists can either install as standalone units or seamlessly integrate with your existing security setup.

McKees Rocks Commercial And Residential Security Services

Quality security solutions are within your reach with Security Systems of America. We’re dedicated to making your McKees Rocks home or business a safe haven against threats like vandalism, burglary, and fire. Get in touch with us today to explore our security solutions!

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