Fire Alarm for Pittsburgh Business
October 25, 2023

Industrial and manufacturing properties experience an alarming average of 37,000 fires each year, as reported by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fires claimed 18 civilian lives, caused 279 civilian injuries, and led to a staggering $1 billion in direct property damage.

Pittsburgh business owners should be aware of the potential dangers and take steps to protect themselves from potentially devastating fires. Knowing the most common causes of commercial and industrial fires can help them identify potential risks, implement fire safety protocols, and ensure their workplace is as safe as possible.

Common Causes for Commercial and Industrial Fires

The most common causes of commercial fires in Pittsburgh include cooking, lighting, electrical, heating, and other industrial equipment.

  • Combustible dust created by manufacturing processes can also lead to a catastrophic fire if not properly contained. This is a common issue in the woodworking, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. This dust can get into small cracks and crevices of the equipment, causing friction and combustion, leading to a fast-spreading fire.
  • Flammable gases and liquids used in many production facilities must be handled with extreme care to prevent a fire risk. These substances can cause large-scale explosions that are quick and deadly.
  • Kitchen fires are another common problem Pittsburgh businesses must guard against, as are fires in office buildings. It’s critical to follow all fire codes, regularly inspect your fire protection system, and take proper precautions while operating equipment.
  • Electrical fires in industrial buildings can be hazardous due to the presence of heavy machinery. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that all electrical wiring is up-to-date and that qualified fire alarm system installers in Pittsburgh have installed a reliable fire alarm system.
  • Office building fires are also common and are typically caused by bad wiring, overloaded outlets, cooking appliances, heating equipment, and materials used for smoking.

Tips for Preventing Commercial Fires

By taking preventive measures and staying aware of potential risks, Pittsburgh businesses can significantly reduce the chances of a devastating fire. Fire safety protocols should be implemented in every workplace, from restaurants to manufacturing plants. All business owners must do their part to stop fires before they occur. Some ways to safeguard your commercial property from fires include:

  • Conducting regular fire safety inspections and ensuring all equipment is up to code.
  • Installing a reliable fire alarm system in your building.
  • Ensuring that your employees are trained in proper fire safety protocols and common causes of false alarms.
  • Properly storing flammable substances and materials and disposing of them correctly when no longer needed. – Keeping combustible dust contained and away from sources of ignition.

However, even with the best prevention strategies, sometimes fires are unavoidable. In those cases, having a reliable fire alarm system installed by professional installers can be the difference between losing everything and protecting your business. Fire systems can detect smoke, flames, and heat quickly enough to alert you or emergency responders in time to save lives and property.

Even if you have an excellent prevention plan, it’s still important to invest in a quality fire alarm system that will help protect your business from a devastating fire.

Fire Alarm System Design and Installation Services

At Security Systems of America, we are the top fire alarm system installers for Pittsburgh businesses. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to ensure your building is secure and fire-safe. We can advise you on the best fire safety protocols for your business and ensure your fire alarm system is installed correctly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business from fire-related disasters.

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