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August 14, 2023

Generally, homeowners can expect security cameras to help deter burglaries. Research shows that your home is 300% safer from burglaries compared to a home that is not equipped with cameras.

Since criminals do not want to be watched or recorded while carrying out their crimes, security cameras are an effective way to deter crime and keep your home safe.

Based on a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, a survey of 422 burglars imprisoned and accused of burglary said that 60% of the burglars participating in the study said they searched for an alarm prior to breaking into a home. The burglars in the study indicated that if there was an alarm system, then they would typically move on to a different home.

What Increases Your Risk of Being Burglarized?

There are several factors that may increase the risk of your home or business being burglarized. Having an easily accessible property can make it a target for burglars, as having no visible security measures in place can be inviting. Other risk factors include lack of exterior lighting, shrubbery near windows and doors, unlocked windows or entries, hiding places near the property, and a home or business located in a high-crime area. Having an outdated alarm system or no alarm at all is also an invitation for burglars.

Taking proactive steps to secure your premises is essential to reducing your chances of becoming a victim of burglary. In addition to installing security cameras, installing motion detector lights, deadbolt locks on windows and doors, an alarm system with monitored service, trimming trees and shrubs near windows and entries, using an outdoor security camera system, and joining a neighborhood watch program can all help protect your property.

Additionally, consider speaking to a security expert in your area who can provide more tips on how to secure your premises.

Where Should I Install Security Cameras Inside and Outside my Home?

Installing security cameras is a great way to keep your home safe. You should consider placing at least one camera in each area of the house and outside, so you can monitor all areas in and around your property.

For inside your home, it’s best to install cameras near entry points like doors and windows, as well as any area you want to keep an eye on. You should also consider placing cameras in other parts of your house, such as hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms.

If you want to monitor the exterior of your home, it’s important to place cameras near all entry points, like gates and doors. Additionally, you should consider installing cameras in any areas you want to keep an eye on, such as your driveway or backyard.

The placement of your security cameras will depend on the size and layout of your home, so be sure to consider this when deciding where to place them. Additionally, it’s important to make sure they are placed in a way that won’t obstruct the view of any areas that you want to keep an eye on.

Finally, make sure all security footage is stored securely and backed up regularly. You should also ensure that each camera has its own password so it can’t be accessed by anyone unauthorized.

By taking the time to strategically place your security cameras both inside and outside your home, you will have peace of mind knowing that all areas are being monitored. This can help you keep your home safe from unwanted intruders.

If you have any questions about where to install cameras or how to do so securely, it’s best to consult a professional security expert at SSA who can give you the best advice for your specific situation. We will be able to provide you with the most effective security solutions for your home.

Security Camera Installation Services

At Security Systems of America, we can install a set of interior and exterior security cameras to keep your home safe. Contact us today to learn more!

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