July 1, 2014

As a business owner, you may have purchased business or property insurance to protect yourself from loss in the event of theft, vandalism or other events. Insurance is a great way to recoup losses after the fact, but a commercial alarm system can be installed to deter criminal activity on your property. Whether you already have an alarm system installed or you are thinking about installing one, you can follow a few critical tips to maximize its effectiveness.

Limit the Delay Feature

A commercial alarm system today typically can be programmed with a delay. When you and your employees open the door when the system is armed, you may hear a series of beeps indicating the need to punch in the alarm code quickly. If you fail to enter the code within the allotted period of time, the alarm company will notify the police about a possible break-in at your business address. Some business owners will set the delay for a longer period of time in order to allow employees ample time to punch in the code. However, keep in mind that intruders often only need a few minutes to grab the items they want to take. By establishing a longer delay period, intruders essentially will get a greater head start before the police are even notified. In fact, when the delay is too long, criminals can still enter the property, grab what they want and leave before the police have time to arrive. Therefore, consider setting a short delay period. Also, some systems have a remote feature that allow you to disarm the alarm before you even open the door.

Choose a System With a Panic Mode

If your business keeps cash or other valuable items on-site, there is a greater risk that a robbery may occur during business hours when employees are on-site. A commercial alarm system with a panic button enables the police to be notified immediately as soon as the panic button or code are entered. Some systems have a silent code so that the police can be notified without a loud alarm sounding. There is no delay, and the response is immediate. Ensure that the alarm monitoring company knows the panic code so that law enforcement can dispatch personnel to your location without delay.

Use Your Alarm System

The fact is that a commercial alarm system simply is not effective when it is not activated. When employees leave the space at night without activating it, criminals can enter the premises more easily and with less risk of getting caught. The only way to ensure that the commercial alarm system works well for you is to ensure that you and your employees activate it each night.

For more than 40 years, Security Systems of America has been providing residential and commercial alarm system installation and monitoring services for valued clients in Pittsburgh, PA. The company is committed to helping its customers reduce crime. If you are interested in learning more about the systems that may be suitable for your space, contact Security Systems of America today.

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