January 21, 2015

A security system is more than just a way to protect your fiscal property–it’s what keeps your home, family, or business safe from intruders. Don’t let everything you’ve worked for be taken away and quite probably never be found and returned.

When you think protecting your home, you probably are thinking about a professional burglar, dressed in black, carrying a special tool to cut through your windows. Reality, however, is much different. People who break into your home are not likely to be pros—they’re probably someone who lives in your neighborhood!

What Do Thieves Steal?

When a robber enters your home, they are probably looking for money, jewelry, guns, and electronics that they can then sell right away. Think about the locations in your home of each of these. Money would be in your wallet or purse, and those are usually in your bedroom. Jewelry is likely in your bedroom, and electronics, like computers, TVs, video game systems, and mobile devices are found all over your house.

If anyone has been if your house before, they may have made a note of where you keep your expensive electronics, or if your master bedroom is on the same level as your living room. Even a quick visit can provide very valuable information for someone who would like to visit later and steal thousands of dollars worth of your property. In fact, the FBI says that every home burglary nets about $2,000 worth of money or property—YOUR money or property.

How Do Thieves Get In?

It’s not usually through a complex system. Many just walk through the door, even if it’s locked, because it’s not difficult to open a locked door. A robber will also try your back door, the door the leads from your deck to the inside of your house, or the windows on your first floor.

Once they’re in your home, they will likely head to your bedroom, since most of your expensive belongings are there: wallets, purses, money, TVs, phones, tablets, and even guns. If you are hiding some of those items, don’t put them in your chest of drawers or your closets, because thieves know, and they’ll check there. They’ll only spend about 10 minutes in your home, and they’re most likely to rob you when you (and your neighbors) are at work. That’s right, in broad daylight!

Protect Your Home or Business with a Security System

So, besides locking your doors, how do you avoid becoming a victim? By investing in a home security system! Thieves know that they’re very likely to get caught when they see the security signs outside a house, so they’ll skip your home and move onto another.

If a thief does take a chance and breaks into your home, he or she will still be caught once they enter the house, and your alarm system notifies the police.

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