August 7, 2014

Why Use Access Control?

Controlling access to your business is the first step in guaranteeing a secure environment.

With an access control system you can restrict entry points, communicate with visitors via cameras and intercom before allowing access, monitor sensitive and high-risk areas, and generate reports that detail events.

How Does It Work?

Physical security is a matter of controlling the “who, where and when” of property access. An electronic access control system determines who is allowed to enter and exit your building, where they are allowed to go, and when they are permitted to enter and exit. Historically, this was accomplished through the use of locks and keys. However, keys can be lost, copied or given to an unauthorized person. When a mechanical key is lost or the keyholder is no longer authorized to enter the premises, the locks must be re-keyed or replaced – an expensive proposition.

Electronic access control uses computers to solve the limitations of mechanical locks and keys. When a credential such as a card key, PIN code or fingerprint is presented to a card reader, the reader sends the information to a control panel at which point access can either be permitted, denied or re-verified.

Why Count On Ssa For Access Control?

Security Systems of America has been installing access control systems for the past four decades and has an innovative approach to physical security. With state-of-the-art products and scalable features, we can seamlessly install access points throughout your business whether it has one door or multiple locations. You will be able to monitor all sensitive areas and control employee access from any web-enabled computer or compatible device. You will also be able to generate reports detailing entry and exit times.

The Benefits Of An Access Control System

  • Know your visitors the moment they arrive.
  • Protect your property and employees from intruders.
  • Control or change access remotely from any mobile device.
  • Stay connected with your business.
  • See real-time, high quality video streamed securely from every entry point of your business locations.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Lower administrative costs.

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