May 7, 2019

With spring cleaning underway, you may have noticed that your security camera is covered in spider webs, covering your camera lens and obstructing the camera’s view. Spider webs not only block the view of the camera, but they can also cause false alerts for motion-activated cameras.

Because insects are attracted to the light your camera emits, spiders build their webs there for an easy meal, obstructing your security systems. Pittsburgh residents can keep their camera clean and working efficiently by following these tips.

Ways to Keep Your Cameras Free from Bug and Spider Webs

With a variety of ways to keep insects off of your security cameras, we’ve gathered a list of the most effective ways to keep your cameras insect and spider web-free.

Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets aren’t just for laundry. You can attach them to the outside of your cameras using a rubber band. The strong scent of the dryer sheet will help repel the bugs.

Make Your Cameras Slippery

Another great way to keep bugs away from your camera is to make it difficult for them to land and stay on the camera. Make your camera slippery using lubricants such as silicon, Vaseline or Teflon spray. Cover your camera lens before spraying and apply a thin layer.

Blow the Bugs Away

Use a fan to keep the bugs and spiders away from your camera. The wind from the fan will prevent spiders from forming webs while also keeping insects away.

Shut off the LED Lights

Bugs are attracted to light, making your camera’s LED lights an invitation for bugs. If you can, disable the LED lights on your camera to avoid attracting bugs.

Use Bug Repellant

You can use a bug spray or insecticide around your camera to help prevent bugs and spider webs on your outdoor camera.

Try Looping a Flea Collar Around the Camera

Much like they do with fleas, flea collars have also been shown to repel spiders and other bugs. Consider looping a flea collar around your camera.

Regularly Clean Your Cameras

In addition to protecting your cameras from spiders and bugs, you should also regularly clean your cameras with a soft brush, removing existing bugs and webs from the housing, camera exterior, shield or cover.

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