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October 17, 2022
The last thing you want is for bugs to obstruct your security footage in the event of vandalism, burglary or another crime on your property. At Security Systems of Amercia, we’ve put together a guide on keeping bugs off of your security cameras for clear footage and peace of mind. 

Keep Your Cameras Clean

One way to keep bugs off of your security cameras is to regularly clean them. You can use a soft cloth or brush to gently remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the lens. 

Utilize Petroleum Jelly

If you notice any areas that seem to be attracting more bugs than others, you can try using a small amount of Vaseline or other petroleum jelly to create a barrier. 

Use a Bug Repellent

Another option is to use commercial repellents designed specifically for security cameras. These products typically come in spray form and can be applied to the camera lens as needed.

Install them Strategically

Another way to keep bugs off of your security cameras is to make sure they are installed in a location that is not conducive to bug activity. For example, if you have security cameras near your front door, try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Bugs are attracted to warmth, so by keeping your security cameras in a cool, shady spot you can deter them from congregating around the lens. 
Additionally, if you have security cameras that are exposed to the elements, consider using a screen or cover to protect the lens from direct contact with insects.

How Can I Keep Spiders Off of My Security Cameras?

Spiders are another common security camera pest. They can build webs around the lens, obscuring the view and potentially causing damage to the camera itself. Here are a few tips for keeping spiders off of your security cameras:
Just like with bugs, spiders are attracted to dirt and debris. Regularly cleaning your security cameras will help keep them clear of spider webs and other nuisances. As with bugs, you can also use a commercial repellent designed for security cameras to keep spiders away. 
Like with bugs, installing your security cameras in a strategic location can help to deter spiders from congregating around the lens. Try to choose a location that is not as appealing to spiders, such as a shady spot or an area that is not exposed to the elements.
Additionally, you can use silicon or Teflon spray to cover the camera body and deter spiders. Be sure to keep these products off the lens. Use a paper towel to shield the lens when applying the spray. 
By taking some simple precautions, you can help to keep your security cameras free of bugs and ensure that they continue to function properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance, along with careful placement of your cameras, can go a long way toward keeping pests at bay.

Interested in Security Camera Installation? SSA Can Help!

Our expert team can install indoor and outdoor security cameras to help you keep your home safe. If you’re still experiencing other pests on your camera – continue reading our guide to keeping pests off of your security system. Contact us today to learn more!  
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