June 25, 2015

Summertime is unfortunately, the season of burglary. Compared to the rest of the year, simple summertime weather increases break-in rates by 10%, no matter if you are in a secured building or private house. This is why our team at Security Systems of America has formed a few summer tips on how to protect your home from break-ins this season, for a summer that is full of both fun and security.

Invest in Quality Locks & Extra Security Systems

This sounds basic, but an entryway with a poor quality lock system is no lock system at all. Doors—not locks—are meant to indicate privacy. Make sure your locks are pick-proof by investing in high-quality locks which will stand up to even an experienced locksmith thief. There are even specialized locks, such as a security bar, for custom doors. Adding more advanced security, it is also smart to consider a digital technology take on home security systems. Never leave your door unlocked while away, whether for 5 minutes, a few days or longer.

Do Not Flaunt Your Valuables

You are excited about the new big screen television you bought, but the thief down the street who sees its empty box outside is excited about your new big screen too. Do not flaunt large purchases, such as an upgraded television. In this case, fold the box inside-out before discarding. Also, keep other high cost or important materials out of sight. Be humble for your own safety and security.

Always Maintain a Lived-In Appearance

While on vacation, working late at the office, or whatever your case for being away from your home or business may be, still maintain a lived-in appearance of your space. By keeping curtains closed and setting up lights on timers for the night, you can easily maintain the look of a lived-in experience. Asking a trustworthy neighbor or family member to collect your mail is also a good idea. This will prevent the accumulated look of mail, which is a red flag for an opportunity for burglars.

Remember that burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Do not give thieves the opportunity to break into your place of comfort, and steal your valuables. 87% of all burglaries, according to reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are preventable. Protect you and your home from break-ins, with preventive measures. You can also let our team at Security Systems of America help keep you and your home safe with our reliable security installation services!

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