April 17, 2020

As a business owner, you may have heard the term commercial access control before, but you may not be entirely sure what it means. The basic definition of commercial access control is a system that allows you to control who enters your business. It also allows you to control where and when someone can enter or exit the building.
There are a variety of access control systems available to Pittsburgh business owners, such as keypads, door readers, and biometric devices. At Security Systems of America, we’ve put together a guide to access control systems to help you understand the importance of using them in your business operations.

Types of Commercial Access Control Systems

Your Access control system will vary based on the type of authorization equipment you choose to use.

There are four common types of authorization equipment used in commercial settings, including:

Key fob or access card

This is one of the most basic forms of access control. The key fobs and access cards are wallet-sized devices that have built-in authentication data. This setup allows you to install a door reader at any access points you need to control. You can give all employees key fobs or access cards and customize their access to the business individually. Allowing you to grant and restrict access for employees, so everyone only has access to where they are authorized to be.

Mobile apps with barcode or Bluetooth

Since most people have a smartphone these days, many business owners have been utilizing a mobile access control system. With some mobile access control systems, employees are required to log in and scan at the door to exit or enter the building. With other access systems, Bluetooth technology allows an employee to wave their phone in front of the sensor to get into and out of controlled areas.

This type of system allows you to control physical access points as well as access to sensitive data. You can utilize cloud-based technology to control who can access your IT assets, sending them a code or identification number to their phone.

Password or Pin Code with a Keypad

Rather than rely on a key fob, many business owners prefer to take a keyless approach, using a pin code or password. This type of approach allows the employer to assign each employee with a password or pin number they can use to gain access to the authorized areas.

If an employee changes positions within the company or leaves the company, it is easy to promote or downgrade their access to the business.

Biometric devices

This is one of the most advanced access control systems available, consisting of a scanner with either fingerprint or facial recognition software.

Rather than relying on a key fob or a pin, a biometric device works by identifying who a person is. This type of access control system can instantly scan thousands of points on a person’s fingerprint or face to identify them and the level of access they have.

This type of system works well for companies, like banks, that require high levels of security. This can also be paired with another access control system to provide two-factor authentication.

How Your Business Can Benefit from an Access Control System

An access control system provides you with a variety of benefits, including:Easy to Control Access
By using an access control system, you can more easily add or revoke access privileges for your employees. Depending on your system, you may even be able to make these changes using your smartphone.

Access for Multiple Locations

If you have more than one office location or warehouse, you can use an access control system to make it easier for managers or employees who are moving from location to location.

Integrates with Your Current System

In most cases, an access control system will work with your existing security system. This makes it easier for you to control and secure your business.

Stronger Security

When you add an access control system to your business, you can greatly increase your security. An access control system allows you to do a number of things such as program your doors to lock after business hours, eliminating the worry over human error.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Many access control systems on the market can be connected to your building’s electrical and HVAC system to allow you to automatically turn off the lights and adjust the temperature after office hours.

Faster Emergency Response Time

If there is an emergency, you can quickly lock all the access points of your business to prevent harm to employees or theft.

Professional Access Control System Installation Pittsburgh

When it comes to getting a commercial security system, Pittsburgh business owners can rely on Security Systems of America for all of their commercial security needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your business safer.

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