May 8, 2020

With the CDC’s recommendations to distance yourself and limit contact with other people during the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners who are still open during the shutdown may be wondering how they can limit contact with the public.

While this may seem like an overwhelming task, there are some solutions that are easier to implement than you realize. Commercial security systems are a great way for Pittsburgh business owners to limit access to their property and maintain social distancing guidelines.

Limiting Person-to-Person Contact with Commercial Security

To do your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, it’s crucial for you to limit person-to-person contact at your facility, especially for those at higher risk, such as the immunocompromised and the elderly.

At Security Systems of America, we offer a variety of commercial security devices that can help you maintain social distance to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and healthy. These devices include:

Access Control System – With an access control system, you can control who enters your facility or visits certain areas of your building. In a time of social distancing, this a great tool to help you limit facility access allows you to control who enters your facility or visits certain areas of your building.

This allows you to keep areas clean and sanitized while also preventing visitors from entering your facility without permission or proper protective gear, keeping your employees and your customers safe. This system offers convenience and can be used with a mobile device, allowing you to track who comes and goes from your property, restrict access to certain areas, and program lock changes whether you are in the office or working from home.

Commercial Video Surveillance/CCTV – A video surveillance system allows you to monitor your business anywhere, at any time. This allows you to keep an eye on your operations to ensure safety and sanitizing protocols are being followed. With this system, you can also identify employees and visitors before granting them access to your facility.

By being able to view your property 24/7, you can keep your business, employees, and visitors safe by limiting access and monitoring all areas of your business to ensure sanitary measures are being taken to protect your employees and visitors from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Professional Commercial Security Systems Pittsburgh

At Security Systems of America, we have decades of experience providing commercial customers with the best in commercial security solutions. Our various security options can not only help you prevent the spread of COVID-19 but will also offer a variety of benefits to your property after the pandemic is over.

If you are looking for an effective way to protect your business, employees, and customers now and in the future, contact Security Systems of America today to learn more about our commercial security options.

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